Human Timeline
A timeline tracking key evolutionary and technological developments relevant to the human species beginning with the birth of the universe

Mass Killers
A database of mass shooters between the years of 1949-2017

Articles and studies on a variety of social, political, and STEM issues

Resources on how to boycott Google, Facebook, and Amazon

Personal Cybersecurity
Basic tips & tricks for staying safe on the internet

Human Origins Theories
Thoughts on prehistory, evolution, and ancient cultures

Short stories & more

The Las Vegas Shooter
Intriguing details of Stephen Paddock, perpetrator of the deadliest mass shooting in US history

Digital Mind Control
A strange account of a police shooting, a conversation caught by reporters, and a company specializing in digital brain implants

Jon Benet Ramsey
Bizarre insights into a very old, controversial murder

Mandela Effect
Thoughts on the Mandela Effects and a suggested explanation

News, updates, & celestial events calendar

A collection of the best places on the internet, oddities, and hidden gems

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The internet has greatly evolved since the days before social media. There's been a homogenization effect, and the neat quirky websites that used to be commonplace are now all but extinct on the surface web.

The amazing thing about the internet has always been that it's a multimedia open sandbox - what you can create on a page is limited mostly by ones ability to code and their imagination. To that effect, the web can also be shaped into whatever form we please. The current corporately-manfucated permutation can be opted out of, and it will continue to grow and enrich the more people contribute to it.

This website is an attempt to that end.

I attempt to provide a list of entertaining websites that encapsulate the spirit and feeling of the old web, or emulate it in some way. Otherwise, the website is a personal project, as so many websites used to be. It is a collection of my personal research on various subjects, a news feed of articles I find to be interesting of importance, and a list of websites that reflect the way the internet was before social media. All sections are designed by me from scratch, graphics created in MS Paint and html hand coded in notepad. Any fancy DHTML used as well as my hit counter are credited in my sourcecode and found at dynamic drive or free-counters.co.uk

I support boycotting of the services of Amazon, Google, and Facebook. I attempt to support links to websites and news stories that are unafilliated with these three services, and contain as few ads/intrusions as possible.