Cryptic Origins
Scratching the surface of history, evolution, and human behavior.
Monogamy & Mating Habits
What does human anatomy and evolution reveal about the history of human mating habits?

Birth of Patriarchy
The roots and purpose of humanity's oldest institution of oppression

Sacred Animals
Four creatures used as symbols across cultures since the dawn of history

Bible Reinterpretation
Reexamining the Old Testament

Empathy & Animal Worship
How the human tradition of hunting may have sparked an evolution of consciousness

Specialization & Origin of Gods
The first skilled humans and the invention of sacrifices

Global Trade Network
Clues revealing trade and cultural exchanges spanning the globe before the invention of agriculture

Lost Lands
Historic accounts of cultures thriving on lands submerged after the end of the ice age

Florida Pyramids
Rumors of mysterious pyramids hidden in the Everglades

North American Megaliths
Unexplained structures found along the eastern coast of the US

Human Prehistory Theories & Anachronisms

This website is a collection of my personal theories regarding ancient history, the origins of human culture, religions, and cities, and my own interpretation of ancient legends & myths.