Blackrock Microsystems and Digital Mind Control

It begins with an unusual youtube video, and an unusual event.

Strange occurrence at Moody, Alabama


On June 2, 2020, local news reporters were recording at the scene of a crime in the relatively small, quiet town of Moody, Alabama. An officer had been shot, and a large number of police in the area responded and showed up as backup. A very large number. The official story was that the officer was pursuing suspects at a local motel and they shot him through their hotel door.

Where It Gets Strange

Two women loiter in the area among the news crew. They're both well-dressed and the one who speaks to reporters appears to be wearing an Apple watch. Her words come out clearly and articulately, not as though she's a junkie, mentally unwell, or in any way under the influence. She speaks authoritatively, informing the crew of the circumstances leading to the shooting.

The footage is somewhat unclear in places. She states digital mind control has been happening since 2015. A European man from a company called - the next part is unclear but it sounds like Neuroport or Neurocore - hired her. He'd been staying at that motel, under the surveillance of multiple government agencies like the CIA and FBI, as he was the world's leader in digital mind control implants. She also claimed this man's organization had broken into her home at least 6 times and she had filed police reports and on the last breakin had stolen her dog. She also made a claim to being "the happiest she'd ever been" as a result of their work, but didn't elaborate.

The report presses for details, but shooting breaks out and the conversation stops as everyone ducks for cover. The woman goes on to state that police need to seize the computers because the world needs to know what's been going on.

Who Was She Working For?

There are many established corporations and organizations with names resembling the one in the video. Only one has a concrete link to Moody, Alabama: Neuroport. Its developer, Blackrock Microsystems was co-founded by German technologist Florian Solzbacher.

Neuroport & Blackrock Mircrosystems

Blackrock Microsystems is a corporation established to develop technology capable of interfacing technology with the human brain. Their mission statement is innocent enough - creating devices and software allowing doctors to monitor brain activity for medical purposes, and allowing for connectivity with cybernetic prosthetic limbs. Their research and development includes things like thought-to-text computer translation.

screenshot of Blackrock Microsystems' website, Sept 2020

Neuroport, according to Blackrock's website, is a device that connects to brain tissue that allows real-time monitoring/recording of brain activity. Digging deeper into their activities, they have contracts with the Pentagon's shadowy research & development branch DARPA going back to the early 2010s.

What's the Connection to Moody?

Blackrock has many partners in the neuroscience field, all previously listed on their website but no longer available after they changed their format. A snapshot via is still available here. Their partner here in the US is a company called Neuromed.

screenshot of Blackrock Microsystems' website, Sept 2020

Their eastern regional office just so happens to be located in Moody, Alabama.

screenshot from Neuromed's website, Sept 2020

The Moody Shooting Gets Stranger

The officer that was shot was no one of particular consequence, just a long-serving policeman performing his duty. He arrived at the hotel in response to supposed drug dealer activity and was shot. Dying in the line of duty is the unfortunate fate of dozens of cops every year. Most, however, do not get personal recognition for the national government, including on the Secret Service's twitter account:

So we have a town in rural Alabama with a population of only ~10,000 people. A company dealing with advanced neural technology sets up an office in this backwater community. An incident leads to the shooting of a cop, summoning what appears to be every officer in the tri-county area to the scene. A woman, also present at this huge potentially dangerous event at around 10pm, names a company present in her town and claims it is doing things that, while at first listen sound absurb, are well within the capabilities of the technology they possess.

Was this woman's dog also outfitted with a Neuroport relay, and that's why they stole the animal? Could that technology allow them to use the dog itself as surveillance device? Why would such a high-tech company choose such a low-tech, remote area from which to operate? Why did the killed officer warrant national recognition? Is it possible Blackrock Microsystems is developing technology to do things more sinister than help people with disabilities?

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