The Mandela Affect may not be a new phenomena. It may simply be the first time we've had the ability to notice. New emergence of technology has given us the ability to share information down to the most minute detail with one another across the globe instantaneously, sharply increasing our ability to observe discrepencies and inconsistencies.

To begin we must accept the three spatial dimensions (dimension0:point, dimension1:line, dimesion2:plane, dimension3:cube) are further iterated into time. We exist as points along a line in time, and if time contains points and lines surely it may also contain planes and cubes. But if three dimensional time exists (the 6th dimension), it is not as simple as moving in straight lines along a flat plane.

It has always been assumed that all individuals exist in the same timeline, sharing a common origin point in time and same moments in between along the way. But it is possible that we exist separately in the 6th dimension, moving near one another but not necessarily on precisely the same path. Presumably, in the 6th dimension all possibilities are happening simultaneously, with different versions of the same event happening within close proximity to one another. The fewer differences between versions of events, the closer together they are. Events with major differences between them would be farther apart, like a version of WWII where Hitler did not die but achieved victory and lived to the age of 80. This version of the event would be separated from the version we experienced (Hitler commits suicide and Germany suffers defeat) by other versions with less differences, such as one where Germany suffers defeat but Hitler lives on, or Germany isn't defeated as quickly but Hitler still takes his own life. These events would grouped together and arranged like a gradient, with the version we experienced towards one end and a version that is radically different towards the other end. This would explain why the inconsistencies in our memories are so small and superficial, like details in spelling of names or casting or actors, rather than a radically different major event like Germany winning WWII. That point in the 6th dimension would be located too far away from the point in the past from which most of our present timelines have proceeded.

So, while a person may exist in this same location in time with the rest of humanity, he or she came from a past where there was a movie called Shazaam starring the actor Sinbad but the vast majority of people in this point of time proceeded from a past where the movie was called Kazaam and it starred the basketball player Shaq. It may have been some unseen force or perhaps their choices throughout their journey forward in time that have altered their course from a past where others share their common points in history to one where that is not the case. In essence, our perception that we are moving along a fixed track in a neat line is amiss. It is closer to compare us to microorganisms floating along a current in the ocean - they may have the ability to move about to some extent but they are pushed along by a force far beyond their control and largely unaware of how their movements may affect their larger trajectory