year age country location sought therapy? political? misogyny? manifesto? video games? suicide?
194928USA [NJ]residential neighborhoodnonononoN/Ano
Howard Unruh
targets: specific neighbors and children

shy/reclusive, exmilitary, unemployed, diagnosed as criminally insane but claimed his mind to be in good order
196625USA [TX]college campusyesnoyesnoN/Ano
Charles Joseph Whitman
targets: random passerby

domestic violence by father towards family, fundamentalist catholic household, very intelligent, socially welladjusted, married, gambling problem, violence against his own wife but expressed horror over it, abused substances, admitted to persistent "unusual and irrational" thoughts, was aware and forthcoming with premeditation of his mass killing and even sought psychological help citicing exactly this, expressed love for his mother and wife at time of murder citing a desire to deliver them from suffering, even went so far as to request an autopsy and donate any of his life insurance to understanding and preventing a reoccurence of this event
198441USA [CA]restaurantyesrightyesnoN/Ano
James Huberty
targets: random diners including many children

hated government with right leanings, married with children, complained of "mental problems" to wife and contacted clinic but did not receive help, called people "dirty swine" during shooting along with angry expletives, worked many different professions, domestic violence against wife
198645USA [PA]post officenonononoN/Ayes
Patrick Sherrill
targets: coworkers

purported peeping tom (in a nonsexual sense). had low job stability and rank, had recently faced reprimands from supervisors, "socially inept loner", exmilitary, reputation for general strangeness that even children mocked, suicide
199135USA [PA]restarauntnonoyesnoN/Ayes
George Hennard
targets: random restaraunt goers, mostly women

Racist, withdrawn with anger issues, unemployed, exmilitary, stalker, motives unknown
199527USA [OK]Government buildingnofar right/ libertariannoyesN/Ano
Timothy McVeigh
targets: government employees

ringwing libertarian, exmilitary, very intelligent, shy/withdrawn/social problems, bad with girls, had trouble finding meaninful employment after military, wanted revenge for waco massacre, wrote a manifesto
199919USA [CO]yesyes
Eric Harris
targets: classmates

intelligent, expressed feelings of entitlement
199917USA [CO]yesyes
Dylan Klebold
targets: classmates

intelligent, supposed to be simply depressedboth posssessed a fetishisation of violence, disdain for their peers, a desire for self agrandizationl, experienced ostrisization and mocking from their peers, felt a sense of exclusion, played video games, suicide
200632USA [PA]schoolhouse, Amishnononononoyes
Charles Carl Roberts
targets: young girls (ages 6-13)

Confessed to wife in suicide note that he had mollested very young relatives as an adolescent and had fantasized about committing a similar act in the time leading up to the killings.
200723USA [VA]College Campusyesnoyesyesyesyes
Seung-Hui Cho
targets: classmates, school faculty

Intelligent, showed withdrawn behavior, coldness, selective muteness as a child. Became more socially isolated and showed more behavior problems as he got older. Showed stalker behaviors and made suicidal statements
201132NorwayYouth summer campyes (age 4)far rightyesyesyesno
Anders Breivik
targets: politically opposed young adults

History of steroid abuse. Abusive household in youth. Considered to be intelligent and well adjusted by his peers. Experienced business failure before shooting. Diagnosed as narcissist after shooting.
201220USA [CT]Elementary Schoolyesnoyesyesyesyes
Adam Lanza
targets: mother, elementary school children, school staff people

Shot guns recreationally as child. Intelligent. Experienced extreme social isolation with no friends unemployed,. Anxiety, OCD, depression, aspbergers, anorexia.
201225USA [CO]movie theatreyesnonononono
James Eagan Holmes
targets: random people (wished to avoid children)

very intelligent, lutheran household, issues interacting socially, alleged inflicted a 'parasuicide' wound because his mother wasn't giving him attention, played video games, wracked my lifelong mental health issues including anxiety and unresponsiveness growing more severe over time
201342USA [FL]apartment buildingnonoyesnonono
Pedro Alberto Vargas
targets: neighbors

used steroids, quiet, poor social skills, set $10,000 cash on fire
201422USA [CA]Sorority, random locationsyesnoyesyesyesyes
Elliot Rodger
targets: social rivals, women, random people

Self identified as incel. In therapy most of life, diagnosed as narcissist. Socially isolated, racist.
201521USA [SC]African American churchnofar rightnoyesyesno
Dylan Roof
targets: black churchgoers

white nationalist, father was physically abusive towards women, dropped out of school to do drugs/video games, socially withdrawn, racist, unemployed
201629USA [FL]LGBT Night Clubnoislamic extremistyesyesnono
Omar Mateen
targets: LGBT people & nightclub goers

Behaviorial issues throughout school and adult life but never sought therapy. Often used aggressive behavior and spoke of violence and sex as a child. Accused by exwife of violence. Proclaimed ties to Islamic extremist group that seemed to be self aggrandizing. Used steroids.
201645USA [MI]apartment complex, car delearship, restaurantnononononono
Jason Brian Dalton
targets: random people

married with children, gave answers betraying mental instability, anger issues
201727USA [FL]airportyesnoyesnonono
Esteban Santiago-Ruiz
targets: random people

ex military, unemployed, loner, violence against girlfriend

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