Three corporations pose an enormous threat to our individual freedom and, frankly, the future of our species. We feel boxed in by necessity and a seeming lack of alternatives, but there are other options and with them, hope! But we must support competition or we will see our other options disappear
This site will be continually updated to ensure each section is as complete as possible when it comes to alternatives. Especially when it comes to Google, it has so many far-reaching functions at this point it will take some time to compile a complete list of alternatives


Overstock - their selection varies but they have excellent seasonal sales

Newegg - always a go-to for computer parts and electronics, they've expanded their selection to include things like clothing, furniture, and many the same low quality imports for obscenely low prices you find on amazon

Etsy - A bit different in that it's not all manufactured items, this site specializes in hand made or unique items. You can still find many useful items and necessities, and even consumables

Ebay - everyone knows ebay but many have forgotten it, and amazon and google are actively seeking to destroy it as it is such a still a large threat to their profits


Firefox - The best alternative browser to Chrome. If you currently use Chrome and find that your computer is mysteriously running slow as hell even with no programs open, switching to Firefox may fix it

DuckDuckGo - A search engine that prioritizes privacy

w3catalog - oldweb style search engine, one of the first

HotBot - A privacy focused search engine with password protection and advice on how to navigate the internet safely and securely

Dogpile - has options for image, video, shopping and news searches

Lycos - A classic search engine that offers email, chatrooms, and apparently still hosts angelfire

Webcrawler - another search engine from the primordial web, supports image, videos, news searches

Aliweb - Search the web with the first web browser, live like it's 1995


With Facebook, the most important part is just not logging in or using the platform at all. It is nigh impossible for some to escape social media altogether. Twitter and instagram are fine alternatives for the present, but Facebook must be avoided.

Reddit - For anyone who hasn't tried reddit, it's a not-so-bad alternative for subject specific, crowdsourced news, memes, and other related nonsense

Ello - An art-focused social media platform that does not sell information to advertisers, show advertisements, or enforce "real name" usage

StackExchange - A website with subject-specific discussion groups in an enormous number of topics

Diaspora Foundation - A new take on social networking, specializing in lots of small social "hubs" you can sign up for (this one takes a little time to understand)

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